Ergonomic chairs in office work aren't only comfortable, improve productivity and reduce stress for a long time on the chair. Most people spend hours sitting on an office chair without usually activity, exercise, and knowledge of how badly this impacts your health. 

In the post, we will share knowledge of ergonomics and the benefits of ergonomic chairs in the workspace. Read more now!



The definition of “ergonomic” is still ambiguous and unclear. Most of the answers are something to do with seating or realize the design of car controls and instruments. However,  ergonomics means so much more. Ergonomics involves people such as workspaces, health, safety, sports, and leisure.

Ergonomic is the word that comes from Greek including the words "ergon" and "nomos" which mean work and laws. Ergonomics is a branch of science that researches humans to improve people's interaction with products, environment to reduce the risk of injury or harm.



The difference between ergonomic chairs and normal chairs isn't just comfortable - it is the functions of chairs. Ergonomics is applied in ergonomic chairs to improve people's health and comfort. An ergonomic chair to be highly adjustable provides good posture and seating support. For a normal chair, you have to adapt to the chair, and it lacks more comfort than an ergonomic chair.

Here're features ergonomic chairs have and basic chairs haven't: 

  • Seat height

Ergonomic chairs' height fits perfectly the height of a desk for enhanced seating comfort. In contrast, normal chairs often lack seat height adjustability. You can't have the opportunity to adjust the chair's height, and that could invite health problems into your life in the future.

The ergonomic chair's height is usually 16-21 inches off the floor, but some ergonomic chairs are specially designed for short people with a seat height of about 14 inches. 

  • Seat width and depth

A normal chair is designed standard available with a fixed chair depth and width. This is only the right for the average person, but it leaves people that are taller or shorter than at a disadvantage. If you sit on this chair for a long time, you can feel discomfort and lead to health problems.

However, an ergonomic chair allows the user to adjust seat depths and widths to tilt the seat forward or backward to improve posture. So, an ergonomic chair will make the most comfortable and well-being. 

  • Lumbar support

Lumbar support is the function of most ergonomic chairs and non-ergonomic chairs. But, for normal chairs, the lumbar support is fixed. In contrast, ergonomic chairs allow for adjustment to help support the lumbar part of the spine when sitting. 

When sitting, the lumbar vertebrae of the backbone experience a great load, which can put a strain on the spine. Lumbar support mechanism to ensure that you can sit comfortably regardless of your height.

  • Backrest

A normal chair's backrest usually is fixed, for an ergonomic chair usually has an adjustable backrest to provide to promote proper posture and comfort.  

The backrest of ergonomic chairs is designed well-ventilated, flexible, and supports your body contour. Plus, the cushion and backrest forming as one piece can have an adjustment feature for forwarding and backward angles to help the user feel comfortable to lean back. 

  • Armrest

Ergonomic chairs have adjustable armrests to allow for the arms to be rested comfortably and shoulders relaxed. 

  • Swivel 

Generally, both ergonomic chairs and normal chairs have the swivel feature so the user can move around the office for convenience instead of standing up. But the swivel of ergonomic chairs is usually more durable.

  • Long-term use

A wide range of ergonomic chairs is designed for long-lasting use and durable. Plus, the warranty time of these chairs is usually 3 years, 5 years, and up to 15 years. So you can believe the quality of ergonomic chairs.

  • Designed for all user

The most feature of a range of ergonomic chairs fits your workspaces and body type. You should not have to do adjusting functions when sitting on a chair. A good ergonomic chair will easily adjustability to accommodate different body types.


The benefits of ergonomic chairs are not only protecting health but also improving productivity.

  • Protect worker health: 

Ergonomic chairs help avoid health problems such as backache, shoulder and neck pain, degenerative spine. They are designed to conform to each person's specific shape, support posture, and keep joints in the right position. 

  • Promotes Enhanced Productivity and Focus:

 By reducing stress, or pain, the ergonomic chairs also make it easier to stay focused on the job and increase productivity. 

  • Reduced business costs:

Ergonomics in the workspaces will help decrease costs by reducing stress and more productivity and preventing work-related injuries and diseases. Because it reduces the business costs in worker's compensation costs when their health is weak.


Investing in ergonomic chairs is the best way to protect your health and haven't a negative impact on your job. Though ergonomic chairs are more expensive than normal chairs. However, the value you received is completely worth it.

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