Sitting in the wrong posture while working seriously impacts your aesthetics and health. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, many Australians spend 89-100 hours per week working.So, improper sitting and poor posture for a long time will contribute to the rise of the degenerative spine, backache, eye disease, or damage to your health and rising cost for Australian business.


Here're 8 effects of poor pose for your body and how we can help:


  • Effect on bad physique


The human spine has formed an "S" shape. But, when the wrong sitting position can cause natural curves to change some shapes, putting an excessive amount of pressure on your spine. These are factors that make Scoliosis, hump-backed. In addition, the wrong posture will place great emphasis on the abdomen, making the abdominal muscles and back muscles not stretch to burn calories. That is the cause of obesity that many people often suffer.


  • Impairment of blood circulation



The result of the wrong posture on sit when working is impairment of blood circulation. Because when we sit for a long time on a chair, the blood vessels will be blocked, and affect the circulation and blood circulation. It will affect all the functions of the body such as liver, kidneys, stomach, heart, etc... and make it debilitating.


  • Neck, shoulder and back pain



If you sit slouched as well long working on your computer, upon standing you will feel neck pain or backache. The destitute pose can toss your spine out of the arrangement and cause muscle torment within the back, neck, and shoulders. It can also contribute to shoulder pain. 


  • Increasing aging process



The wrong position when sitting can be considered one of the popular causes of dangerous sickness about joints as a degenerative spine, herniated disc, periarthritis humeroscapularis, etc. When we have poor posture, the bones' discs compress. Then, Cartilage, cervical vertebrae, and lumbar vertebrae are severely damaged, increasing the risk of osteoarthritis and the aging process of bones.


  • Stress and fatigue



Poor posture is injurious to your neck shoulder. Then it seriously affects the function of the neck and dilates the nerves. This is the main cause of shoulder pain, often fatigue. In addition, nerves are affected and also increase headaches.


  • Digestive System



Studies showed that a long time sitting per day leads to reduced consumption of insulin by the cells. As a result, it increases the risk of diabetes and other diseases are likely to develop. A long time of sitting also causes other indigestion diseases like Stomach Ache, chronic constipation, or in extreme cases, hemorrhoids.


  • Eye disease



When poor posture, the distance of eyes between computers, or books are shortened, your eyes are tired and sore due to the need for more effort. Over time, you may be nearsighted.


  • Sexual function



Wrong sitting can have a serious impact on men's and women's sexual function because this posture shortens and tightens the pelvic floor muscles, which are our primary sexual muscles. When the pelvic floor muscles are tight and weak, they cannot apply their control and quality, and the conclusion result can be frail or nonexistent orgasms.


How can you improve posture?

Investing in an ergonomic chair and refreshing yourself with the exercise of the legitimate pose are ways to assist relieve the health harm of sitting all day at work. 

Different from a traditional chair, an ergonomic chair is designed to support rest to structures of your body and help improve health when working. The benefits of an ergonomic chair at work are posture support, comfort, reduce the risk of neck, back, shoulder, hips, eyes problems, and make working easy.

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