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10-Day Risk Free Trial from Unix Solutions

Unsure about which chair works best for you or your staff?

We understand that many customers would prefer to have the real touch and feeling of sitting on one of our chairs in their office spaces before purchasing. Well, now you can!

Our 10-Day Risk-Free Trial is for our corporates and businesses.

We aim to provide you the best chairs for trial and help you select the right ergonomic office chair for your needs!


How to Apply for Unix 10-Day Risk-Free Trial

Contact us to confirm availability and make a booking at [email protected]

  1. Select 5 chairs (minimum per request) to your liking. Each chair must be different.
  2. Inform us with the following details:
    • Your Name
    • ABN
    • Your Email Address
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Delivery Address
    • Your Billing Address
    • Product Codes and Links

We will process your request within 48 hours. Further information might be required for verification purposes.

  1. A proforma invoice will be sent to you if your booking is successful. You will only be charged the freight charges. We will send through a document for you to sign before we deliver the products.
  2. The Trial chair(s) is sent to you for trial.
  3. Simply purchase or return the trial chair.


Purchasing Trial Chairs

If the customer wishes to purchase the trial chairs after the trial period, they will not be charged the freight charges and restocking fees. The customer must notify Unix Solutions of a decision to either purchase or return the chairs 24 hours before the trial period ends.

  1. Please notify Unix Solutions at [email protected] of your decision to purchase the chairs. Quote your Shipping Order Number and Proforma Invoice Number.
  2. We will arrange for the invoicing to be finalised.
  3. You can sit happy and assured that you have tried and selected the right chair just for you!


Returning the Chairs Without Purchasing

The customer agrees to pay for freight/return freight charges and restocking fee if they return the chairs. The customer must notify Unix Solutions at [email protected] if they have decided to return the chairs 24 hours before the trial period ends.

  1. The customer must pay for return freight charges and restocking fee. We will send a separate bill for these charges.
  2. The trial chair(s) must be returned in a saleable or new condition. Charges may apply if the returned chair is soiled or damaged.
  3. On the packaging, please ensure you quote:
    • Your Shipping Order Number
    • Your Proforma Invoice Number
  4. Send back to Unix Solutions via courier. We are happy to arrange a courier on your behalf (You will be billed for the transit costs).


Extending Use of Trial Chair

The customer will be charged at $15.00 (including GST) when a trial chair is not returned within an agreed time frame. We will send a notification before the trial period regarding the time frame and will charge you accordingly if you failed to return the trial chair.

Retaining the Chair(s) with No Resolve

If the customer has not notified or contacted us regarding their decision of retaining or returning the chairs within 21 days, the chairs become non-returnable and subject to billing to payment.

For more information on 10-Day Risk Free Trial Terms and Conditions, refer to Terms and Conditions


Last Updated: 21st January 2022